$1.99 for Unlimited Universes

Hello, I'm an amateur quantum mechanics enthusiast.

My favorite interpretation of the frankly insane findings of quantum mechanics is the many-worlds interpretation (also referred to as the Everett interpretation). There's a whole lot to discuss about this topic but a short summary is that to explain the behavior of quantum mechanics physicists have been spending the last 100 years avoiding directly confronting the several very insane conclusions about the nature of reality as revealed by quantum physics. The many-worlds interpretation introduces possibly infinite alternative universes that are created every time a quantum event occurs, like when an electron's spin is observed or when radiation does or doesn't decay. These events all create two ACTUALLY REAL and separate worlds. Understood? No? Good.

With that, I will introduce what I wanted to talk about in this post. Let me introduce Universe Splitter. For the low price of $1.99 you can cause the universe to split in any way that you want! Here's how it works. You pick two different choices that you want to happen and click a button in the app. The app will send a signal to a lab in Geneva, Switzerland that runs a small experiment for you. If the many-worlds interpretation is real, that experiment will cause two separate universes to be created. One where a photon passes through a mirror and one where it doesn't. Based on the result of the experiment, it is now up to you to follow through with the choice that is picked. If you're faithful enough to follow through with this you will have created two universes: one where you're doing each of your two choices. Isn't that amazing?

Universe Splitter

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