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Maps of Science

These are not new... but they are new to me. The Domain of Science YouTube channel has a collection of maps for different areas of study. For example, there's a Map of Computer Science or the Map of Quantum Physics (which is a recent fascination of mine). They give a beautifully simple and well-explained introduction to the different foundations, core principals and challenges for each area of study. Check out the full playlist here.

Container Lab

This one is really cool. Container Lab is a tool that makes it easy to stand up network lab environments. I haven't dug into this one but it appears to tie together containers and virtual machines for a lot of the most popular network platforms/vendors and makes it easy to automatically configure them to match a topology specification. It really does look useful and saves a lot of time... And if you're doing any interaction with network devices it will give you an easy way to make reproducible environments for testing, validation and development.

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