Motivation is hard

Many rubber ducks

When you don't have motivation everything is daunting. Small tasks become big. Big tasks become monumental. I’m in the middle of that kind of mindset... but I have to keep reminding myself that small steps progress naturally into a long journey. I didn’t really have a goal when writing this. I just wanted to remind myself that I can make big things happen. I just need to start.

This reminds me of a common experience that both myself and my coworkers have when struggling to tackle hard problems. If you ask someone for help you will usually end up organizing your thoughts in a more coherent way. There is something in our brain that happens when you take your mental model of your problem and convert it into words that gives you much more conscious insight than you had before. In the software engineering world we call that “rubber duck debugging”... because you can trick yourself into organizing your thoughts the same way talking to a rubber duck as you can a human.

I guess that’s what this bunch of words is about. My problem is that I am unmotivated. My solution is to talk about my problem. Did it work? A little!

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