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Many rubber ducks

When you don't have motivation everything is daunting. Small tasks become big. Big tasks become monumental. I’m in the middle of that kind of mindset... but I have to keep reminding myself that small steps progress naturally into a long journey. I didn’t really have a goal when writing this. I just wanted to remind myself that I can make big things happen. I just need to start.


Have you ever wondered what those two thin pieces of glass that always seem to be in front of politicians when they give speeches to large crowds? I know you've seen them, but in case you've forgotten here's some in front of Trump: Picture of Trump speaking in front of podium with two pieces of glass suspended on either side of him

And Obama: Picture of Obama speaking

So what's the deal? I've heard several theories. Is it something to do with audio to filter out to crowd noise? Is it somehow blocking all the noise? Does it somehow provide security to the high profile speakers... like... do they move to deflect bullets?! Oh! They must interfere with sniper scopes, right?